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Welcome to the home of Practical & Innovative Business Solutions

AJ Griesel was established in 2009. The business has grown from a traditional accounting and audit practice, to a complete business solution provider. We strive to provide tailored business administration and support services, to enable you to focus on your core business.


We partner with firms in different fields, in order to provide a packaged solution to your business’ needs. Our services include financial management services, HR and payroll services, IT, and overall business planning and management. We are based in Johannesburg and can offer our services throughout South Africa.


We work with you, within our areas of expertise and based on your specific circumstances and needs. This includes incorporating solid research and helping you follow a rational thought and decision making process, towards identifying and achieving optimal outcomes.


We partner on an outsourced or co-sourced basis, tailoring our service to your needs. We can assist with, inter alia, accounting, financial management, asset management, supply chain management, IT, HR, raising capital / debt and project management.


We can assist you with compliance and to navigate the Tax landscape effectively and efficiently, through ethical services for all Taxes in South Africa.


The value of our attest services lie in a credible opinion and a comprehensive report to management, achieved through a thorough and compliant audit process. We detail opportunities for improvement to the internal control environment, identified during the audit.